Media & Podcasts

“The Social Studies Wars, with Ron Evans.” Visions of Education podcast, with Dan Krutka and Michael Milton (January 14, 2017).

“A Fireside Chat with Ronald W. Evans.” Interviewed by E. Wayne Ross at CUFA Retreat, podcast (January, 2015).

“2015 Jean Dresden Grambs Distinguished Career Research in Social Studies Award,” National Council for the Social Studies, The Social Studies Professional (November/December 2015), p. 4.

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Advisory Board, NEH Grant Proposal on History of Education, producers Trey Kay and Deborah George (NPR series on education), 2011.

“Steinhardt video: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jerome Bruner’s The Process of Education,” At a Glance: Steinhart College of Education (NYU), May 2, 2011.

“NYU celebrates 50th anniversary of Bruner’s The Process of Education with discussion of learning then and now,” NYU Today, March 30, 2011.

“Evans to attend discussion honoring Bruner’s Process of Education,” (Spring 2011), Dean’s Update, College of Education, SDSU.

Evans, R. W. (January 31, 2011). “History left behind in education,” opinion, History News Network.

McGlone, A. (January 24, 2011). “Education documentary stirs debate in Coronado,” San Diego Union Tribune Online.

Evans, R. W. (December 3, 2008). Guest on “Room 101” with Michael Baker, KZUM, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Evans, R. W. (January 12, 2008). “Senator misses the point on NCLB,” Opinion, San Diego Union Tribune.

Staff. (2005). “NCSS annual conference: A bounty to choose from,” The Social Studies Professional, No. 189, October. Conference session, “Dare We Make Peace: Reflections on the Social Studies Wars,” featured, p 1.

Staff. (2004). “Up front: A battle with no end in sight,” NEA Today, October. R. W. Evans interviewed by Bob Katz for NEA Today for this story.

Evans, R. W. (February 2, 2004). “Social Studies Wars,” Guest on “These Days with Tom Fudge,” KPBS, San Diego.

Fuetsch, M. (October 27, 2003). “Social studies seeks respect.” The News Journal. Wilmington, Delaware. R. W. Evans interviewed for and prominently featured in this article.

Manzo, K.K. (January, 2003). “History invades social studies turf in schools.” Education Week. R. W. Evans interviewed for and prominently featured in this article.

Evans, R. W. (August 8, 1999). “Double Sessions in Vista Schools,” Guest on “These Days with Gloria Penner,” KPBS, San Diego.

Evans, R. W. (April 9, 1999).”Virtual University,” Guest on “These Days with Tony Perry,” KPBS, San Diego.

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